Piano and Organ Lessons

I teach piano and organ lessons from my home in Colney, on the outskirts of Norwich.

My teaching approach is friendly, relaxed, encouraging and tailored to the needs of each pupil.  I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced pupils from the age of 8 to 99+.568B8F0E-9E57-4AE8-8BF4-C3623483B755_1_201_a

With beginners I follow various teaching methods, working on technique right from the start.  I encourage the development of an understanding of theory and how to produce a pleasing sound from first touch. 

Not everybody will be a Mozart in three months (or three years).  It takes time to learn the piano and there is no magic wand or fast route to instant success.  Practise is key and results will always flow when the work is put in.  I teach my pupils how to work around problems and how to practice and this gives good results.


I have achieved a lot of success with more advanced pupils.  I work with an holistic approach looking at the fundamentals of technique: everthing from reading notes, using the hands with relaxed  movements to looking at posture and how this affects touch and tone.

Rather than ploughing through technical exercises, I like to work on repertoire to work on areas for improvement.  For me, freedom of expression is vital and this requires the ability to be relaxed and open at the keyboard.

Should you wish, I do prepare pupils to take Associated Board and Trinity examinations and diploma.  Working through graded piano exams is a very good way to measure progress.  However, they aren’t the be all and end all.  It’s just as important to love playing the piano and learning a wide repertoire.

Date and signature of piano builder from 1908

My piano is a Bechstein A Grand from 1908.  It was recently restored and restrung and is an absolute joy to play allowing for endless expressive possibilities.

I have a three manual organ console using Hauptwerk organ samples for classical and theatre organ repertoire

My miniature dachshund, Daphne, is present at all lessons.  She’s very friendly and her favourite  composer is Bach.

Two years ago I decided to return to the piano, having hardly played at all for over 40 years.  I wanted a teacher who would accept my limitations, improve my very rusty technique and help me to enjoy playing lovely pieces of music.  David proved perfect on all counts.  His approach is consistently positive and encouraging.  He offers  simple but effective advice on technique and has a ‘can do’ approach to tackling tricky passages.  Above all, he is passionate about music and this is infectious in his lessons.  Of course, It was a little nerve wracking, at first, to expose myself to piano lessons again – but I’m so glad I did!


Rates:  30 mins – £20   1 hour – £40

Please take a moment to read my terms and conditions

Special block booking rate available.  Pay for 5 lessons or more and receive a 5% discount.

Vouchers available on request.

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